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Individual Health & Fitness Retreats

Premier Midwestern Weight Loss Retreat

Elk Ridge Ranch hosts individual fitness retreat programs in separate private lodging where group vacation rentals are not in session.  Our Detox Oasis and Fit Body Retreat programs have been held at the Elk Ridge Ranch for over 10 years.  We’ve helped people regain vitality, lose weight, reduce their stress and adapt to life changes to feel refreshed and revived.  An experience with us includes: an on-site chef, small group fitness training, nutritional programs, massage therapists, fitness instructors & life coaches; 24-hour gym facilities; sauna,  delicious, calorie-controlled health cuisine meals, outgoing meal plan and exercise programs, and live-in on site staff.

Guests can enjoy private and uninterrupted seclusion at our fitness camp lodging in our cozy Big Barn timber-frame lodge,  Grand Lodge or historic Blanche farmhouse in the secluded rolling hills of southern Indiana with nearby natural mineral springs.    For a change of pace from country to luxurious spa life:  Take advantage of the rich heritage of the surrounding area of French Lick, Indiana where people have been drawn to bathing in the historical healing mineral springwaters since the turn of the century.  Our fitness guests are in awe of the remarkable architecture and the ambiance at French Lick Spas. “Visiting the French Lick Springs and West Baden Springs Spas is like stepping back into the Titanic era.”